Erica Lampley painting a mural

I have loved making art since I was a child. Thanks to my high school art teacher investing so much time in me, I had the opportunity to bloom as an artist. Her belief in my ability prompted a series of events that led me to receive a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and become a graphic designer. I worked in that career for 9 years before getting brave enough to walk away and return to my love of making art with my hands, thanks in part to my college painting professor who proclaimed that one day I would leave design to return to painting.

Much of my work comes from images I see in my head when daydreaming or a story that wants to be told. I’m also available for select commissions. Artworks start at $150, depending on size and materials required. Murals start at $10 per square foot, depending on the surface texture, travel, materials required, and amount of detail. Email me to discuss your project.

I believe in Jesus. He saved me from the dark pit I dug myself into and restored my desire to be alive.
I really, really love flowers.
I’m a CrossFitter and a yogi.
I run a small farm on our property that currently includes chickens, pigs, and a vegetable garden.
I don’t do anything half-assed (got that term from my dad!). 
I often think in poems.
I’m a huge true crime fan.
I once pursued opening a coffee shop.